A different kind of Adventure…

I created this blog ahead of this years travel which was due to start on June 8th and was to go on for 3 months as I worked, lived and travelled across America. It was going to be amazing. I incredibly excited and I had everything sorted which is why it was so upsetting to learn my travelling would have to be put on hold.

I had been feeling unwell with symptoms very similar to IBS (cramps, trouble passing stool and loss of appetite) which persisted up into the month before I was due to depart so I took it upon myself to visit the Doctor to get it sorted out so I wouldn’t be under any strain in America. Anyway, to cut a long story short things went from bad to worse as my doctor ordered a CT Scan to find a lump and then when I was sent for MRIs it was found I have a tumour both in my bowel and five more in my liver. This makes my diagnosis bowel/colon cancer with secondary cancer of the liver.  This has sent my life completely in the opposite direction and means that I’m now due to embark on a completely different kind of adventhre all together but an adventure nevertheless, therefore I’ll be keeping updates on here. This is for my own sanity as well as keeping people who know me updated, It’ll be sort of like a diary in a way.

I hope I don’t bore people half to death and at the same time, hope I can somewhat help inform people of symptoms and the signs they need to look out for.


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