Fast progress

I’ve been admitted to Whiston hospital today. I was due to have an appointment with my oncologist anyway at 4:30pm but fell ill around lunch time with severe pain and horrible sickness. It got worse by the minute leaving me and my family rather worried and in result, I was rushed to Whiston. Since then, I’ve been put on two drips, one for anti-sickness and another for fluids as I was dehydrated then it was decided to give me my own room for an overnight stay. After this, I met with my oncologist to discuss my treatment. I’ll be on an Oxaliplatin drip every fortnight and Capecitabine tablets for 9 days after that, making the treatment 6 cycles (12 weeks). I’ll be having blood tests all the time to ensure its working, which with much hope and positive thinking, it will be. We were told, rather brutally however that this Chemo may not work, which is quite scary seen as we’ll be spending 3 months on it. He told us scary statistics that made me want to stick my head in the ground and cry but at the end of the day, they’re just statistics! All I can do is give my all and that is what I’m going to do. On top of this, it was decided that the idea to have the colostomy bag is going to go ahead, meaning I am now going to stay in till after I’ve had the surgery and have recovered and learned how to take care of it. The operation is going to be sometime this weekend, possibly tomorrow and will require me to be admitted to Whiston for quite a while. There’s a lot to take in and it all seems to be happening so fast but all I keep thinking is that I need to stay positive and hopeful, I really want to kick this cancers ass. For now though, I’m going to enjoy this hospital bed and get a much needed rest.


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  1. Roy Webster says:

    Firstly I hope your sickness has at least settled for now, and yes you quite possibly feel things are moving very fast but personally I would feel the more treatment the sooner the better though at the same time I appreciate your the one in this position and it is easy for me to say that.
    I’m sure regardless of how positive you intend on being we are all entitled to a bad day now and then and I’m sure from time to time you may have them yourself but’ please Hannah you stay with it love, you sound so strong minded so you go for it.
    Just take it one day at a time and face each challenge as a learning curve and once your sorted I’m sure you could in the future give someone else very valuable advice about your experiences..
    I will keep my eye on your blog if that’s ok with you love and I look forward to raising a glass with you and your family when your on the mend 😉 bye for now Hannah, thinking of you 👍 xx


  2. Jenny McGill says:

    Hi Hannah, Tara has sent the link for your blog to the other Travel & Tourism tutors so we can keep up to date on how you are. Although I don’t teach on the Cabin Crew course, Tara’s told me so much about you; how dedicated you are to the subject and how strong you’re being fighting this illness. Your positivity is very admirable :o) I’ll be reading your blog regularly and I’m sure Tara will keep us updated on your progress. Thinking about you, Jen xxx


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