Unexpected approach

Today I was due to have my colostomy bag fitted, which went ahead as planned. The surgery was done keyhole and the stoma created in the left hand side. I’m still drowsy now, hence the poor writing but I feel I need to share my first bit of good news.

I was seen by a number of different surgeons before my operation, so much so I felt I was being passed from pillar to post. After meeting around 3 or 4 surgeons, a younger surgeon named Dr Chadwick came in with a proposition that had never been mentioned to any of us before. We had been told that in the long run, because of how diseased my liver is, I’d only be able to have the extensive surgery to remove my bowel tumour if my liver is cleared, making it safe enough for me to have the major op. A previous consultant who saw me yesterday had told me this may never happen and told me my liver wasn’t strong enough to handle the anaesthetic, which if I’m completely honest, terrified me. This surgeon however, had a completely unexpected approach. He pitched me the idea that while I’m already undergoing keyhole surgery, he could offer me the chance to assess my tumour, which no one had done yet, and in result, look into removing my tumour if it was loose enough and the cancer in my bowel. This was an offer that was not only major but thrown on me at the last minute, leaving me with a lot to think about and wasn’t guaranteed, he informed me if my tumour was too attached to the wall of my bowel he wouldn’t be able to remove it. However, to cut a long story short, I filtered his brain for everything, figuring out every possibility and most importantly, if I can still start my chemo in two weeks. I had to admit, I found his ideas promising therefore I signed my life away… Well, signed the consent form. 

My surgery took around just over an hour I was told but I took a lot longer to wake up. As soon as I did though, I only had one question on my mind: how did it go? They said very well to which I replied asking if everything went to plan which again received a promising answer. I was gobsmacked as I knew what this meant but at the moment I didn’t want to jinx it till I got backed to room. When I got to the room, my mum, dad and Paul had all been told the same… The surgery was more successful than we thought… The primary tumour that started all this from my bowel was removed meaning I no longer have that tumour and can just go focus on my liver from now on! I can’t explain how amazing this news has made me feel! My doctor came in not long after to talk to me and my family and when my dad mentioned “well this is the first little battle won” and he couldn’t have corrected him faster with the statement of “Oh, it’s actually a big battle won”. I could ramble all night about how happy I am that I was given this opportunity but at the moment, I keep falling asleep… I’m absolutely shattered. So I’ll keep the updates coming but as for now, I’m going to sleep this pain out.

Please note: Below I’ve included a rather graphic picture of my surgery wounds, if you are squeamish please do not look. I have included this purely for other people’s interest and hopefully to aid anyone else in future who may be even slightly in the same situation as me. Also, I guess it can be helpful for if anyone is curious by what I mean by keyhole surgery.


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  1. Sabrina abram says:

    What a remarkable young lady
    Keep fighting lovely kick its bum .
    We are all rooting for you your family are wonderful and your grace and presence make us see how strong you are ๐Ÿ˜˜
    Warm thoughts to you and your family stay strong as you’ve many emotions to face and it’s lovely to see how your journey is doing x x x


  2. Roy Webster says:

    Well so a start has been made and by the sound of things a good one too.
    Your over two major hurdles today 1 you had the tumour removed from your bowl and you took the first step to a healing process with the bag being fitted which we know is to be reversed at a later date.
    Can’t help but mention your bravery again by firstly going through today’s treatment but then sharing your results with us all just goes to show you really are facing this head on and I say good on you love, anyway I’ll leave you to get some rest now onwards and upwards, well in your case head down to sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด
    Keep up the good work and your fantastic spirit๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ for now brave lady xxx


  3. Bek says:

    Absolutely great news. Keep up with being brave! Your bravery is absolutely amazing. Be proud Be strong. I admire your courage so much.
    Love. Hugs kisses. Speeding recovery! Xxxxxx


  4. pam carter says:

    Hannah your doing so well in making this blog also raising awareness to bowel cancer in young people its so often misdiagnosed because of age your so brave and from now on you just keep kicking ass,we are all with you babe youbrave young lady xxxx


  5. Anna says:

    You are amazing Hannah! I knew you as a baby as I went to school with Louise and she was a really close friend. I am so astounded how brave you are and it is already paying off! Keep fighting and get well soon xx


  6. maureen Barnes says:

    Have been praying for you.im just recovering from surgery, aunty Sylvia told me about your situation.ive got 1 more chemo next month.stay brave.God bless.Maureen Barnes.xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lisa Monaghan says:

    Hannah, you are truly inspirational……what a gift to show others your strength in battling this unexpected ‘flooring’ condition, but my god you are showing it the door! Keep resting, and too right challenge everything that is said, there may just be a better way for you! Lots of hugs to you all……Lisa xxx


  8. John @Gwynne Burgess says:

    Hannah you are a true inspiration to others and I know your Familly must be so proud of you.
    You have took on and won a major battle and kicked it’s Butt,Others will read this and I know will get real strength from you, you are a true Champion.


  9. Gail says:

    How courageous you are!! I am a colon cancer survivor. I sincerely hope that now your liver can be tackled and that you will beat this!


  10. Geoff Williams says:

    Well done Hannah you’ve set the bar really high for those of us looking on in admiration, you have the mental and physical strength to beat this awful thing so chin up young one your personal victory is well insight xx


  11. Martin says:

    Brave doesn’t even start to describe you Hannah; battle hard and beat this Bitch!!


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