Bruised and sore but still going strong

I’ve felt like I haven’t need to blog for the past few days as I was just recovering in hospital. This doesn’t mean nothing happened over these past few days, obviously I was still undergoing treatment which mainly consisted of being stabbed in every place possible around my bodyand have some little funny stories to share such as the day when the younger nurses gathered in my room to play a game of Don’t Show Keith Your Teeth from Celebrity Juice and the multitude of stories I have of my mum and dad making me laugh with their antics. They’re not stories to share as I don’t think they could be repeated, but they’re part of what’s been keeping my spirits so high whilst I’ve been sat in the hospital for the past 4 days. 
Today, we saw things progress. I saw my doctor who performed the miracle of removing my tumour who came to check up on me. He was impressed I was eating and taking it upon myself to move around, happy with my wounds and overall how I was in myself. He’s took me off my morphine and drip, making it much easier for me to move around and go the toilet without having to be disconnected first. Before he left, he also gave me the news I’ve been waiting for… I can get changed into my own clothes. I was made up. The gowns, although not uncomfortable, didn’t make me feel as comfortable as I would in my normal pyjamas. My stoma nurse also visited and showed me how to change my colostomy bag and went into an intensive discussion with me and my parents on any questions we may have and more information about it. I was given an information booklet and a magazine or two with clothes and lingerie specially made for people with a stoma, I was also shown a sample of three different bags.

Now here’s something interesting… See the grey one? Well that is made by a company called coloplast… And the bag was designed by Ted Baker since he also has to wear a colostomy bag! So I’ll actually be wearing a Ted Baker bag everyday! To be honest, from the little introduction I’ve had today, it’s made me a lot more comfortable with it.. I’ve not got used to it enough to understand it yet and know what it’s doing, but it’s like my little buddy, it’ll make noises and I’ll feel movement but I’m not scared of it, I just let it do what it’s got to do. I’m yet to pass anything through it yet but fingers crossed I will do in the next day or two which will mean it’s working properly, although air has been passing through it which indicates this also.
Now I’ve got past all the gruesome stuff, I can go a bit more personal now. I had one of my sisters visit yesterday and then three more today. Shortly after they left I had a nap before my boyfriend arrived. I decided, with the weather being so nice, I’d quite like to go out in my wheelchair and sit at the front of the hospital, which we had done twice the day before although this time it’d be slightly different – I’d walk back instead to stretch my legs and push myself. I had an ice cream whilst sat in the sun before making my way back. I had a few wobbles and a few winces which would force me to stop when I was already going considerable slow anyway but apart from that, I’m proud of how I did. It’s a step back to normality. 
So although quite a boring and moderate post, I can end it with saying that hopefully everything is going to plan at the moment and I will be able to go ahead with my chemo on the 13th June as planned and I’ll be out very soon. At the moment, it feels like Groundhog Day, everyday having my dad asking a million times if I need my phone charging, my mum jumping when a cup of tea or coffee is mentioned and Paul (my boyfriend) jumping at the chance to take me outside because it means he can get a good enough internet connection to play Jurrassic World. Although this time in the hospital is trying, especially when left with the thoughts of realisation that it’s happening to me because of the C word and everyday I get more and more moody, I have such a loving family who have and are doing anything to look after me and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love them more than anything. 
The next cancer update will possibly be when I leave the hospital unless there’s any changes to my health or I have a significant update to write. Thank you for reading, whether you read to give me support, the blogs helps you in your own situation or simply just because your curious, it means a lot πŸ™‚


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  1. Sue Murray says:

    Stay strong Hannah you are clearly an amazing young lady and though I only really know Louise from your family I can tell that you have a super strong support system that will hold you up high even when you may be feeling low. Look forward to your next update. Sue xx


  2. Jill Howard says:

    What an amazing way you have at looking at every situation, YOU have made me chuckle today with your bag comment, you truly are an inspiration to us all and I really do wish you every once of luck in your journey and look forward to your updates … God bless beautiful Jill xxx


  3. Roy Webster says:

    Glad to read you have progressed to walking a little and you had an Ice Cream πŸ˜€ and you some how managed to make the fact of your bag is a fashion accessorie πŸ˜‰ fancy that you and Ted Baker that’s not bad company Hannah πŸ‘
    On a serious note I’m pleased your coping and your not only being positive about things your also keeping your sense of humour going strong too.
    Anyway I’ll let you go for now Hannah but you keep that spirit up your truly an inspiration hope to message again, you be good πŸ˜‰ xx
    Like I said in an earlier post every day is a new challenge and also you scoring a point with every step forward to your future life which I feel sure is only a matter of time away πŸ˜‰


  4. God Bless you Hannah, you are an inspiration


  5. Peter says:

    I don’t now who you are but stay strong little lady and keep in high spirit you are inspirational to all human nature and man kind get back home soon .


  6. Paige Crawford says:

    I am absolutely blown away by your attitude & approach hannah, your an inspiration! I hope you know how brave you are. You should be super proud, that you have took it upon yourself to get some fresh air & push yourself. Sending loads of love!


  7. Julie Soo says:

    Fantastic news Hannah, so glad everything is going to plan. Great to here your moving round & keeping your positive attitude. We’re all right behind you Hannah. Xxx


  8. Mark o says:

    you must be giving so many people in similar situation a big smile on there face just by reading your post, well done you stay positive you have a lovely way with words you should definitely become a writer when your all better which will be soon stay positive kid X God bless you X


  9. Sue mcdonald says:

    Amazing young lady x from falling Ill you have taken away the pain of your family having to answer questions each day of your progress x and it seems to me that you have very grown up attitude and even more positive attitude than some people could wish for x so keep fighting and getting stronger xx


  10. Erica Hughes says:

    Hi Hannah
    I loved reading your Blog post today. You are so designer with your Ted Baker!
    I am reading this in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m originally from Liverpool and lived in Southport in the past. I have two twenty something daughters who are in to blogging too!
    Anyway just want to tell you that when you make your road trip in America I ‘d love you to come and stay with me as my guest if you fancy stopping in the mid west! It would be an honor to meet you.
    You are such a cool young woman with a terrific attitude and it sounds like you have an amazing family too.
    Keep posting and know that random people like me have got you in our thoughts! All
    Good wishes Erica xx


  11. Paul Blenkinsop says:

    I came by your story when my cousin from Tarleton posted her on FB.
    After reading your blog I just wanted to say how inspirational your writing is, you have told your story in such a positive yet still realistic manner. Your descriptions of your feelings and family meetings etc come over in a way that is enlightening and has a lovely honesty about it. You write extremely well and should keep it up in future, perhaps next time it will be back onto your adventures though :-). I wish you all the best and hope you will be getting back to “normal” life again very soon.
    I have a daughter exactly your age who suffers from all sorts of IBS type symptoms, I’m not panicking about her but your story has made me realise just how easy it could be for young people to go undiagnosed with more serious problems. The message about this that you are putting out is a very valuable one, thank you.
    All the very best – Paul


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