False Alarm

Woke up Thursday morning like any normal morning in the hospital, expecting the clutter of nurses to come through the door for my morning observations, breakfast and hot drinks. Everything went as normal as any other day, sticking to the pattern I had came to know over this past week. However, that morning was interrupted by the doctor who did my surgery coming to check up on me. He informed me that he was happy for me to go home despite my Stoma not yet working and checked me over before confirming he was going to get the ball rolling and I’ll be out ASAP. I was over the moon, I couldn’t have been happier as although I’ve enjoyed my stay as much as I could, I’ve grown tired of the repetition and spending most of my day drugged up in bed. After this news, it was only natural to prepare ourselves since after that we were given the go ahead by numerous of nurses too. We were told that we will definitely be going home after lunch but then after lunch a nurse came and told us we’d be going home after dinner. Since the time just seemed to be dragging, me and my dad just chilled out for a bit, going outside for our daily Ice Cream before my mum and Paul joined us when we returned to my room. Shortly after, my mum had a few questions about my stoma, resulting in her being somewhat concerned but before she could do much, a nurse acting on my consultant and official doctors behalf, (the one who diagnosed me and got the planned my treatment) joined us in my room to inform us that I will not be going home. I was given false information and I will be expected to stay till my stoma is active… Which at the moment, it’s being stubborn and doesn’t seem anywhere near being active. No, I’m not happy I got so excited to go home and have to stay in but I’m happy they’re still keeping an eye on me and making sure that I don’t encounter any problems. I’ve just got to keep my fingers crossed my Stoma works in the next few days as being in a hospital without wifi is torture, I’ve already used 3GB of data trying to keep my sanity as I’m somewhat of a social media addict! Despite being upset for the rest of the night and drinking some funny tasting drink that was meant to kickstart my stoma, I’m still sat here the next day and it looks like I could possibly be in over the weekend. I’ve been given more laxatives again yet my stoma seems to be as stubborn as me. On another note, I luckily got my laptop fixed at PC World today so I’ll be able to overdose on Sims 3 all night! All I can say is at least I’m in the right place and they’re not sending me home without being sure the operation is working properly, although I can’t wait to get home in my bed and see my little dogs, I’ve missed them so much! 


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  1. Sally Hall says:

    What a pain! But, stay calm and relaxed, don’t stress and you’ll be home before you know it 🙂 You’re amazing and doing so well that another day or 2 doesn’t count, you can make up for that !! Big hugs and stay sane xx


  2. Auntie Winifred says:

    How thoughtful of you Hannah to inform everyone on your progress (think its called a ‘blog’ ) as much as we all want you home — it’s better to be where you are — to keep an eye on you and get everything working well — much luv AW xx


  3. Lisa says:

    Hannah I just saw your blog on fb! I’m an air hostess and have been for 17 years I’m from ormskirk too you’ll be flying one day. Stay focused that disease won’t get your dream to travel. Never stop believing. Love and light 💜


  4. Gordon stewart says:

    Hi I’m a friend of your dads from work ? Had to laugh, after all you have been through , you are complaining about your wi if connection 😆😆. Good luck in the future stay strong 😷😷xx


  5. Sam lacy says:

    Aww ur a inspiration babes keep ur chin up an head held high an keep ur fingers workin on this blog ur doin amazin xxx


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