Everything in a nutshell (Timeline of events)

A constant up-to-date progress page explaining simply how far along I am with treatment

16th May 2016 – Diagnosed with Bowel Cancer with secondaries in the Liver
26th May 2016 – Admitted to Whiston Hospital after taking ill
27th May 2016 – Colostomy surgery with the addition of my bowel tumour being removed
7th June 2016 – Discharged from Whiston Hospital
17th June 2016 – First round of Chemo
1st July 2016 – Second round of Chemo
14th/15th July 2016 – Admitted to the TYA unit at Clatterbridge Hospital due to mouth sore side effects being severe
27th July 2016 – Third round of Chemo and discharge from TYA Unit
10th August 2016- Forth round of Chemo
24th August 2016 – Fifth round of Chemo
7th September 2016 – Sixth and final round of Chemo for this cycle
Unknown date – Due a scan to check tumour reaction to the Chemo
29th September 2016 – Consultant appointment

Currently: Currently in-between round 5 and 6 of Chemo



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