Keeping with it (Informative post)

Note: This post is not an update.

Quite often, I can go a while without writing a full update, however, I;m always keeping people informed on one of my social media platforms. I currently have:

Facebook Page – A Facebook page where I post mini-updates as they happen before they’re then put in more detail in a blog post when I get round to writing it.

Twitter Page

@HannleyQuinn – A Twitter account in which I post mainly normal stuff to do with my day such as what I’m watching or what I am actively doing. This account is much more into my personal and ‘normal’ side of life.


HannahNicole23x – A Snapchat account where I do the most talking. Despite the 30 second video limit, I make sure I use every second. Quite often I explain in full detail my current situation and give tours of my hospital room or show my medication routine etc. Again, it’s another one that looks more into my ‘normal’ side of life, although I mention my cancer a lot more than I do on Twitter.

JustGiving – The JustGiving page that shows the total amount collected from the selling of wristbands and any fundraising event that has been done for Teenage Cancer Trust. (Total is currently not accurate, I am yet to count the collection money)


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