Back to Some Sort of Normality

I’ve had the pleasure of being home now for nearly four full days now. The nearly comes from the hospital leave I was given the night before my chemo. It was decided on Tuesday 26th July that I was well enough to go ahead with my Chemo on Wednesday 27th July with a 20% reduction and a change from the oral tablets, Capecitabine, to a portable IV infusion of 5FU. Hopefully the reductions and slight chemo change will prevent my side effects being as severe as they were last time.

A chemo change can sound quite worrying, it was to me at first however I did extensive research on the difference between Capecitabine and 5FU, which I had been told was pretty much the same drug. This is true, Capecitabine is a version of 5FU that has been made into tablet form. How Capecitabine works is that it’s broken down in the liver in a three-stage process that then results in it being 5FU. The research I looked into doesn’t show much difference in the drugs, just that Capecitabine is taken orally 6 times a day for 9 days, causing me severe heartburn and indigestion and also had to be taken with food, which always didn’t seem possible. The 5FU however is given intravenously over the course of 46 hours and all I need to do is carry around the bottle.


Even though this  is easier for me than Capecitabine, it’s still an absolute pain to carry around! I can’t wear long sleeves and when getting in the car, it’s a task of threading it through my seatbelt and securing it in the small compartment in my car door. But after the two days, I was set free and can now do whatever till I’m ready for my next treatment. Hopefully, that will be a fortnight from this previous Wednesday as long as I don’t have severe side effects.

Since being home I’ve not done much apart from rest. I’ve had the odd drive out but I’ve been too weak to walk really therefore have struggled to get from the car to a pub or shops! It’s a horrible feeling, from when I was once very active and now I can’t make it round a shop without having to go sit down. Today (Sunday 31st July) I decided to try and give Liverpool One a go. Although I enjoyed getting out there, it did wear me down very fast. By the end of the half hour spent there, I was having to lean on Paul to get back to the car as I felt extremely dizzy and tired. I think at the moment I just need to get to the point where I don’t push myself and understand my limits. I’m going to Stoke On Trent on Tuesday for a night away with Paul and then hopefully, if I feel up to it, a day at Alton Towers. I’m hoping I feel well enough, even if I need a wheelchair as these past few months I’ve missed out on so many exciting things.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maureen White says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit more normal Hannah. Tell Paul Mrs White says hi. (I was one of his Broad Square teachers) You’re a very brave girl. Enjoy Alton Towers


  2. Vicky Hodge says:

    What an amazing and inspiring girl you are. I have been wondering how you have been and it’s so good to know that you have been getting out and about although it’s exhausting you. Hopefully you’ll be feeling well enough to enjoy your time away. God bless xx


  3. Ellen Foster says:

    So glad you & Paul are enjoying your time together but do not try to do too much you Wonderfu girl- Slow but STEADY- YOU ARE DOING REALLY WELL X


  4. Auntie Winifred says:

    So pleased you are home Hannah — hope you enjoy Alton Towers — by the way Luv your nails !! Luv AW xx


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