Croeso i Cymru! (Welcome to wales!)

So I got back from my trip to Wales yesterday. I stayed on a Haven campsite called Hafan Y Mor, a place I had visited two years on the go with my family when I was younger. As soon as I got there I started remembering the area which was nice for me to reminisce, I even found the lodge we used to stay in! This time round however, I was just with Paul in a private caravan next to the beach. It had beautiful views and was such a quiet location for us too. I’d drive over to the entertainment of a night of course because walking the distance from our caravan to the entertainment complex would have certainly knackered me out and then I’d hop in my wheelchair and Paul would take me in, ready for the highlight of our night… BINGO! 

The beach had spectacular views

The first two nights we were there I still felt weak from the Chemo I had pumped into my body the week earlier which is why I found comfort in my wheelchair but by the third night I had a lot more energy and felt like I didn’t need it – probably gave a few people a shock when I was all a sudden walking after being wheelchair bound! Our nightly routine would run as follows: Arrive for around 6:30, Purchase bingo tickets (3 books each and 3 flyers each), take part in the quiz, play bingo and then either go on the arcade games for a bit before settling down for the show or get some food and just relax whilst waiting for the show. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to keep me happy. I even participated in one of the shows whilst we were there, sorting balls into their corresponding coloured buckets in attempt to break a Guinness World Record! Sadly, I didn’t break the record but I’d say I was close with 21 secs when it was 17 secs to beat… as I said to Paul, I reckon given another go, I’d have done it… Or maybe not, it was definitely harder than it looked.

All set ready for bingo

I dread to think just how much money we wasted in the arcade, especially when our ticket total was 6,052! We spent a great amount of time in the arcades, buying into the fad of collecting tickets to get rather poor gifts from the gift shop at the end. However, as me and Paul both agree, we don’t regret it because we had a blast playing in the three different arcade zones. Now, it wouldn’t be a Haven trip without a go at the Go Karts. Most people may know I met Paul at a Haven 2 years ago when we couldn’t go abroad due to me being due to have surgery (For a completely different medical problem that isn’t associated to my Cancer and is completely resolved now) and upon meeting, we bonded over our competitive love for Go Karting. Actually, I think if I remember, I won too. This time round though, I didn’t. In fact, I even lost my hat halfway through and it flew at his kart and he STILL beat me, but it was all good fun. Definitely one of my highlights however was rifle shooting. I’ve took part in shooting activities before abroad when it’s free and included in the hotel entertainment but at Haven I decided we’d pay and book to go for a bit of target practise. Even though we were on shooting pellets at stationary targets, it was heaps of fun! I certainly improved as time went on but again, Paul was better at it than me. 

Our clutter of tickets!

I was also well enough to venture into the on-site waterpark twice and go down the slides I was rather scared of when I was younger. This was possible thanks to a device called DryPro which is a silicone cast that covers your Picc line and vacuum suctions to your arm to keep water away from your Picc site. I have always been an avid swimmer so to be able to take a dip was such a relief. Overall, my 5 days away was a godsend, it was much needed and I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much! The only way to improve it would be to have some of my family with us, especially my sisters and the kids! (and of course if I was abroad that would have been an improvement, but since that isn’t possible, I’m not even going to think about it).

It’s not a scratch on the experience I should have had at Camp America and of course I’ll always be distraught I missed out on something that had been a dream for many years, but I’m just grateful they caught my Cancer when they did and if sacrificing America meant that I have a shot at recovering and living a long life, I’d sacrifice it any day. 

Now I look forward to a day at Tatton Park for a Segway Experience for Paul’s birthday (which was on Tuesday) which I have done as one of his presents. It was going to be a surprise till my dad slipped up earlier and mentioned it in front of him! Oh well, just means the pressure is off, I suppose. Next Thursday 22nd September I am due to have my scan, the big one that will tell us if my tumours are responding to the treatment. I feel sick just thinking about it but still trying to remain positive in hopes it is a positive outcome. I think I’m just going to distract myself with lots of stuff to do and days out so I’m not sat around thinking about it too much. I’m wanting to try and make as many memories as I can anyway, as even though I have Cancer, I want to make a point that it doesn’t control me.

Thank you so much for everyone’s continued support and I’ll be sure to write as much as I can, especially since I am now a new owner of an iPad! 
Additional note: As mentioned on my facebook page earlier in the week, I have been nominated for an Health Activist award. From what I  have read on the website, “Winners will be publically announced during our ceremonies in March and each winner will receive special Health Activist Awards business cards signifying them as the winner of this year’s program, a donation to their Health Activist, a feature on WEGO Health’s blog and social channels, special access to WEGO Health opportunities throughout the year – including chances to speak at or attend conferences.”

Till now, I have never heard of WeGo Health and I believe their an American company so I’m not sure anyway if I exactly qualify but I thought to give it a shot after I was nominated, which is why I shared it on my facebook. I’m not wanting to ram it down anyone’s throats and ask for votes as I’m not desperate to win, but at the moment I believe I’m third and it would be a nice gesture nevertheless if people would like to vote and share it around. Thanks to everyone in advance for voting or if you already have voted šŸ™‚


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