How can you help?

I’ve been asked quite often by a multitude of different people close and afar how they can help me. They’ve asked about setting up a JustGiving page to donate money to me personally and setting up fundraising days in my name. Although I’m grateful for the offers, I’d like to politely ask no money to go to me personally or raised in my name without first contacting me. With me having this Cancer, it’s pretty much took over my whole life. I have no control over anything, I can’t go to work and I can’t go to college so the only bit of control I have is this blog and coming up with fundraising ideas, therefore if other people start to come up with fundraising events I’m left with nothing to do. I am currently selling wristbands with all profit going to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral, England and in the future, I will be organising events to raise money and awareness for my cause.

I appreciate however that not every can or may want to donate anything and that is completely fine! Therefore I just ask for the simple task for you to share my blog. My goal is to get this blog as far as possible to raise the most awareness of bowel cancer in younger patients. If my story is anything to go by, a lot of people my age and even up to 10 years older can be severely wrongly diagnosed with IBS due to NHS cuts in scans and lack of awareness that it can occur in young people. I was told my symptoms were nothing to worry about multiple times however, when finally given a CT Scan (which even then very almost didn’t happen, and probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t so close to moving abroad) they found tumours in my bowel and liver. Since being diagnosed, I’ve found multiple stories of young people who sadly have been wrongly diagnosed for a long period of time and sadly passed away due to this, what I’d call, a masked illness and I think it’s completely unacceptable and more should be done. Maybe I can’t change anything official but as long as I inform as many people as possible, people can push for these tests to be done and can use my story as a reason why.

I am always open to suggestions for fundraising ideas though and can be contacted through my Facebook page.